SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 747-811

So, repeatedly running
some planets spin quick
some more slowly;
[750] some spy each other
some shun each other
with floods of figures;
and micro-mistakes
that grow and grow
make endless errors.
If the sky modifies
itself “n” times a day,
why not a daily king?
Why is the successor
[760] a son born in a wholly
different disposition?
Why do kings not wait
for a royal readjustment
in conceiving a child?
Will they delay the day
and ask for advise
the superintending stars?
Where there a royal
gleam when Gyges jumped
[770] from zero to hero?
Or Servius the sovereign?
Or Genghis the conqueror?
Croesus on the contrary
was under a sinister star,
so were jaguar Jugurtha
who honored Rome
the prisoner of Persians
and the uprooted Apostate.
[780] But let the Beyond-All
quit all quarrels:
It would thwart laws
and revoke all rewards
for virtue, pains for vice
if the drive of deeds
righteous or unrighteous
were outside ourselves.
Thieves wouldnt be thieves
killers wouldn’t be killers
[790] if they could not cope
with theft or death,
thus damned by Doom.
Crushed craftsmanship
and fatigues; and fields
in vain wooed with plows
and rakes and forks
or sharpened scythes
if the sky’s fury or fate
controlled the crops.
[800] Navigators in vain
cross seas and oceans
if Fate owns all wealth.
The faithful’s hope
pointing to paradise
would vanish without
prizes and punishments.
Where Fate functions
neither valor nor virtue
have a fitting office.
[810] But no, Heaven has
palms for good performances.

(to be continued on Jan. 31)