SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 1-79

Songday 3

Self-magnifying Metropolises
architecturally amazing
with behemoth buildings
or a powerful past.
From sunrise to sunset
or even when Night
sports her starry saucer,
a mighty movida fills
squares streets theaters
[10] where they all the while
spend the swift hours
of day, the nicotinic nights,
and trick themselves.
Dudes are deceived
by eye-fooling arts
and bamboozled believe
in feigned phenomena.
Somesurrounded by
the inputs of instruments
[20] that influence inside
and push or depress
forget about fu**ing all.
Some depend on a dancer
who loosens her limbs
like a shape-shifter
in lascivious laps
and they hunger for her.
Or against a scenery
with shades and spotlights
[30] with arches and archfiends
with heathen temples
they mourn Romeo’s death
while in a synthetic sky
a simulated sun darkens;
or they laugh for loony
old men being mocked.
Others observe speedy
cars racing in a ring,
or within a square space
[40] virtual wars with
shrieking sounds
and fashion uniforms
and they OK campaigns.
And we, whom the Maker
of all cool things calls
to admire the art
of his wonderful world
whimsically woven with
both heaven and earth—
[50] will we tepidly take in
the beyond-judgment job
of the supernatural smith?
Or rather, by realizing
the richness of Reality
won’t we go back to
the beautiful beginning
of matter and time?
Like a vast vault
the sky covers the stars
[60] and with lots of lamps
God’s home hovers.
Resting on itself
is the heavy earth.
Air sprays around
and offers no obstacle
to moving masses
that transfix it,
it passes on pacifically
while providing breath
[70] and coolness to creatures:
spirit loves psyche.
Water feeds, and useful
to our dirty predicament
was given by God.
Disliking dispersion,
it clearly contracted
within local limits
where it washed coasts
obeying the Almighty.

(to be continued on Feb. 7)