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Friday, February 12, 2016

Beware of strangers (2)

[8: 22]

Quegli italico parla: - Hor là m'invio
Ove m'ha Boemondo in fretta sospinto -.
Tancredi il segue, e del sermon natìo
Conosce il suono e crede al parlar finto.
Giungono al fin dove nel lago il rio
Già s'impaluda, et un castel n'è cinto,
Ne la stagion che 'l sol par che s'immerga
Ne l'ampio nido ove la notte alberga.

The man(*) explains, in Italian, "I am going to a place where Bohemond(**) just hurried me." Tancred follows him, [happy in] recognizing the sound of his own language and trusting those deceitful words. They finally reach the area where the river turns into a swamp by flowing into the lake, (***) and it surrounds a castle; it is the hour in which the Sun seems to be diving into the wide environment(****) where he spends the nights.

(*) The messenger.
(**) One of the Christian leaders in the I Crusade. See some historical data here.
(***) The Dead Sea. Coming from Dante are both the verb impaludarsi (Inferno 20: 80) and, a little below, the word stagione meant as the day time, the hour, not as "season."
(****) The sea. Literally, "the nest."