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Friday, February 19, 2016

Look who it is! (1)

Tancred hesitates. He smells a trap, and moreover, he has to hurry to go back to the camp for the 'second round' of the duel with Argantes.

[8: 25]

Alfin là dove ne l'herboso prato
Il curvo ponte si congiunge e posa
Ritiene il passo, e par quasi turbato,
Né segue la sua scorta insidïosa.
Ma dal castello un cavaliero armato
Già con sembianza uscìa fera e sdegnosa,
C'havendo ne la destra il ferro ignudo
Parlava in atto minaccioso e crudo:
. . .

Finally, there in the green meadow
On which the bowing bridge's end rests
He stops, and a little puzzled and alarmed,
He does not follow his escort(*) inside.
But already out of the castle came
An armed knight in a fierce countenance
With an unsheathed sword in his hand,
Who in a threatening tone said, (**)
. . .

(*) The self-styled messenger of Prince Bohemond.
(**) Episodes like this appeared several times in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, but always in a jolly, parodistic atmosphere, quite differently from here.