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Friday, February 26, 2016

Look who it is! (3)

[8: 27]

Di santo sdegno il pio guerrier si tinse
Nel volto, e gli rispose: - Iniquo ed empio,
Quel Tancredi son io che 'l ferro cinse
Per Cristo, e feo de' turchi horrido scempio,
E 'n sua virtude i suoi rubbelli vinse,
Com'hor dimostrerò con chiaro essempio;
Ché da l'ira del Ciel ministra eletta
È questa man, di giusta e pia vendetta -.

The Christian knight then burned with holy
Indignation, and cried, "Ungodly felon!
I am that Tancred who girded the sword
For Christ, and horribly slaughtered Turks
Defeating those who rebel against Him,
As I will now show again most obviously!
For this hand of mine has been chosen
By God to perform His righteous vengeance!"

In Gerusalemme Conquistata, Tasso deletes an octave (see GL 7: 33) in which he explained who Armida's spokesperson was: a certain Rambald of Gascony, one of the Crusaders who had fallen into her trap and followed her away from the Christian camp. In GC, the omission of this detail gives the episode a more symbolical, universal scope. It must also be remembered that Tancred was among the very few knights -- together with Godfrey of Bouillon -- who had not fallen in love with her.