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Friday, February 5, 2016

Now back to Tancred (2)

[8: 20]

Però cruccioso incontra Amor si sdegna
Che sperata gli nieghi alta ventura;
E se la donna sua d'ingiuria indegna
Offesa fia, farne vendetta ei giura.
Di rivolgersi al campo al fin s'ingegna
Per la più breve strada e la più secura,
Però che già vicino è 'l dì prescritto
Che pugnar dee co 'l messaggier d'Eggitto.

Therefore, he gets angry with Love who
Denies him the good fortune he hoped;
But, if the woman he loves has fallen
Prey to some injury, he will avenge her.
He finally tries to go back to the camp
Along the speediest and safest way
Since the day now approaches in which
He must fight with the messenger of Egypt. (*)

(*) Argantes. A lot of time ago (the time in this blog, not 'real' time), Tancred's duel with Argantes had been interrupted because both were seriously wounded; the fight would be resumed after some days. But as we will immediately see, Tancred won't succeed in reaching the Christian encampment in time; and his absence, that will make him fail to keep his word and break the rules of chivalry, will have heavy consequences.
After the insertion of the new episode of the five rivers, this section of Gerusalemme Conquistata catches up back with the plot of Gerusalemme Liberata (7: 26). Just, Tasso here modifies the wording by calling Argantes "the messenger of Egypt" because he first appeared in the story in that role, bringing a peace proposal from the Sultan of Cairo. In GL he was defined "the Egyptian knight," not simply a "messenger," but this is no longer true because Argantes in GC becomes the son of the King (Emir) of Jerusalem.