SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 140-222

by Selkis + ilT

Now, if naturally
water goes downwards
and lies at sea level,
is any God needed?
Its nature was enough
without that command
that ruptured its rest
making it move ’n’ move.
Yet solely the sound
of Vishnu’s voice
[150] who created it, could
make it also mobile
almost as eternally
as heaven on high.
Its nature is a norm
of long-living Logos
who fixes its fluxes.
Here however it moves
shaken by the skies
yielding ground to Gea
[160] and her territory.
It follows influences
mainly the moon’s
which wanders white—
every six hours.
Rising moon means
that the sea shores
are invaded by waves
that partly spread over
lands, until Luna reaches
[170] the sky’s summit;
then, when she sets
the sea diminishes
cringes and uncovers
the coasts from foam.
The sea sparkles back
and swells its waves
invading the inland
when the moon makes
for the other hemisphere
[180] and shines to Skiapodes.
Again the sea sits down
and hums humbly
as if shunning shores
when Luna is launched
eastwards to our eyes.
Not all water however
follows the same laws
in its flux and reflux:
oftener in Taormina
[190] and in Euboea seven
times a day it tides
to the extent that an ex
Politician passed away
looking for such laws
and blamed the abysses
for their idiosyncrasy.
Three times a day
does Charybdis chew chew
next to Scyllas nest.
[200] There are other seas
which within one month
will swell twice
and squat twice;
and Ethiopians even
lack ebbs and flows;
and below another Pole
with no Bears and beers
our sailors cross a sea
of perpetual peace.
[210] All-encompassing Ocean
chases away by elbowing
both torrents and rivers
so that they apparently
flee fleets and harbors
and gallop uphill,
so horrible is Ocean’s
roaring power;
while Liguria, Italy,
and the port of Pisa
[220] (whose University
promotes progress)
have just faint flows.

(to be continued on Feb. 21)