SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 306-387

Did you ever sit beside
a sparkling spring
tired and thinking about
He who sprays water
[310] out of the cold core
pushing it so as not to
let it lie and stop?
from what warehouses?
and towards what goal
does it run? and why are
rivers and seas unextinguishable?
Outgrown outcomes
of that vibratory Voice
that wooed the waters.
[320] You readers of rotten
and brand new papers
remember the roaring
sound of that thunder,
Let hydor be gathered!”
and mind the Immortal.
Waters had to hurry
to occupy the oceans
then relax relieved
and stop searching for
[330] an end to their erring.
Therefore rivers reach
the sea but room remains—
because borders were
appointed to aquae
by the kindest of Kings.
His parliament passed
a bill with no rebellions
of Nature: Let the violent
sea have certain contours.
[340] Otherwise the water
would flagitiously flood
all lower lands and leave
not even the emerging
lands alone for the benefit
of worn-out wretched Man.
When under thunderbolts
and the rage of ruakh
it crashes against coasts
and lifts liquid mountains,
[350] as soon as it perceives
sand, its fury subsides
into foam, those fortresses
fall, waters withdraw.
Is there anything weaker
or smaller than sand?
Is there anything stronger
and prouder than thalassa?
Yet sand will stop sea.
And won’t we worship
[360] He who used the sand
to stop the sea?
He himself told us this.
What other obstacle
or earthly authority could
prevent the Red Sea
from invading Egypt
that lies lower, and
would end like Atlantis?
One Red Indian sea would
[370] issue without hydraulic
efforts of engineers.
The sovereign Sesostris
who yoked kings
like horses or oxen
to drag his dragon fly
after preying peoples—
such Sesostris, I say,
the terror of Thrace
sitting sublime during
[380] the Pharaoh Pride—
he dreamed to adjoin
India’s and Eritrea’s seas
to his own basins
but he soon stopped
lest his land
be flooded: the fear
that also chilled Cyrus.

(to be continued on Mar. 6)