SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 80-139

by Selkis + ilT, The Magic Trio

Who said, “Let sublunary
waters gather and
dry soil surface!”
They did. Suddenly
the under-heaven humor
gathered where due
and earth emerged.
He denominated it “dry”
while the wide waters
were shown as “sea.”
[90] As a cerulean canvas
tensile over a theater
draws back on both sides
and reveals underneath
statues pillars and temples,
when those waters withdrew
landscapes appeared
and hills and Himalaya
hidden until then.
The whispering sea
[100] refreshed Atlas’ feet;
Taurus Parnassus Athos
(sort of Alexander’s
Rushmore) rushed out
as well as the Apennines.
Down from Dolomites
did creeks creep,
reechoing rivers
waved with waves,
Rios snaked slowly,
[110] streams steamed.
God’s word wanted
waters to hasten
from the first steps
according to his command:
no stillness allowed
by the holy order
for idleness spoils
the swampy waters
that then exhale
[120] heavy vapors thus
upsetting the sky
and tainting the air
while storing viscid
food in its sticky slime
to poor people.
Swift water however
everywhere it goes
feeds us fittingly
and gives its gems:
[130] gold and silver fish
and liquid crystal
to extinguish thirst.
Healthier still if
breaking thru rocks
towards the sun
it runs and improves
as Adonai’s ancilla
remembering about
her Trainer’s tone.

(to be continued on Feb. 14)