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Friday, March 11, 2016

Madison Square Garden (3)

Tancred and the anonymous knight fight savagely. Then. . .

[8: 37]

Onde fugge veloce a tutto corso
E ne la fuga pon l'ultima speme;
Ma Tancredi il persegue, e già su 'l dorso
La man gli stende, e 'l piè co 'l piè gli preme.
Quando ecco (al fuggitivo alto soccorso)
Sparir le faci et ogni stella insieme;
Né rimaner a l'orba notte in campo
Sotto povero ciel facella o lampo.

The other knight therefore speeds away
Placing his extreme hope in fleeing;
But Tancred chases him, stretching a hand
To grasp his back while trying to trip him.
When lo! -- a big help to the chased one --
All torches and stars suddenly disappear
And in the blind night there remain
No lamp or flash under a poor sky. (*)

(*) From Dante, Purgatorio 16: 2.