Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 388-468

by ilT + Selkis

When waves began,
full of liquid hills
[390] were the stony shells
as well as the valleys
among the mountains;
fields similar to seas
hosted silver surfaces
but immediately emptied
as soon as He spoke.
The waters were pushed
in diverse directions
and gathered together
[400] or rather, precisely
then the divine hand
created the containers
to room rivers and seas.
Beyond the barrier
that giddies Gibraltar
there attended no Atlas
nor that stormy Ocean
that terrorizes traders
and grins to Geryon
[410] Ireland and England:
only when He willed
did shores show up
and welcome waters.
Shut up O experience
of misguided minds
in this recent Renaissance
petty though proud!
Remember the number
of aeons ephemeral but
[420] much older than Man!
Be silent, explorer
of hidden Indias,
about lakes and lagoons
where water stagnates:
God signified “seas”
as the vast volumes
of water—one volume
indeed, the one depot
of the liquid element.
[430] For example, fire
fragmented in flames
gnaws green wood
thus creating coal
or dazzling light and
eventually dies as ash,
but below the moon
it makes one mass.
Or, air flies anywhere
even bubbling below
[440] the waves’ womb
and sneaks inside
caves and caverns
in the planet’s pits
but owns its own seat.
Water, as well, disperses
in different wet docks
but the salty substance
owns its own site.
Smaller sheets of water
[450] solely symbolically
are shown as “seas,”
noticeably in the North
where Aquilo’s fury freezes
meadows and mountains
all white with snow.
There are—Fame tells—
stupendous ponds and
between breathtaking banks
sea-deep swamps:
[460] turning into ice
like Herculean enamel
they wing the wheels
of weighty vehicles
drawn by (here not drawn)
dignified deer with
amazing antlers, who
make carts career
where ships used to sail.

(to be continued on Mar. 13)