SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 469-540

A lake wider than all
[470] below the Seven Bulls
recalls the Caspian Sea
by having all around
cities and counties
and prehistoric peoples;
they pierce the birds
that over or underwater
look for pisciform preys
or different food.
Fishy Botnia, not far from
[480] Coca Kola Island
in its maddening mounts
hosts quasi-seas and feeds
the environmental ethnics—
piss off Pantagruel.
The very Venus Lake
lies below the Bears
and into its big bosom
twenty-four rivers flow
but one exit is left
[490] to the waters’ whoosh
and they run thundering
seawards between rocks.
That sea is the See of
many islands and idols
to worship Wotan.
There Mälar remains
across Scandinavia.
Vättern waves nearby
imitating lightning
[500] and hot hammering
with its waters
that fall from top
and recall cannons
crushing cities.
Luxurious lakes
with a lot of lodes
of iron and argentum.
It is normal in Norway
that a lake may leash
[510] a misshapen Serpent.
In Ireland an ill man
can’t spit his soul as long
as he lies in some lake.
Another in Britain ebbs
and flows unlike the sea:
more sea means less lake
but the latter gets littler
when the ocean over-comes.
In Scotland are the Tay and
[520] the surprising swamp
that under a cloudless sky
and no winds whatever,
suddenly swells.
Many more in Germany
Gaul and Geneva.
Nor did the Lugean lake
in chaunted Carnia
lose its old fame:
they fish there at first
[530] then dryness comes
and they saw and reap
and entangle thrushes,
so it alternately turns
into swamp field forest.
What about Arcadia?
Even in the New West
in sun-burnt soils
there exist extraordinary
pools that are popularly
[540] spoken of as seas.

(to be continued on Mar. 20)