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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 541-618

by Nivalis70, The Magic Trio

In Judea they enjoy
the Sea scorched by
the Father’s flame
and Jordan’s origin;
closer to Cairo there lie
in the wilderness waters
spelled (?) Semhovitë.
But stop about Syria.
India id est Ethiopia,
[550] sun notwithstanding,
has its lakes; they tell
that you drink and rave
then fall asleep as in
Lethe and lethargize.
Beyond Herculesbarrier
between Cancer and the belt
that girds whole Gea
in newly found lands
a Lake doesnt get shallower
[560] and deeper daily or
monthly or even yearly
but—like a lad who
grows up progressively
and progressively passes—
rises in half a century
and empties in fifty years.
Italy! Will I ignore
your ever-praised pools,
great natures and names?
[570] Trasimeno and the one
that mirrors Mantua,
the bigger Lario and Benaco
similar to actual seas
and many many more,
Rieti’s renowned ponds
where islands verily
seemed to be swimming
or Tarquinia where woods
waded waters and changed
[580] their positions into
a ring or a triangle.
But why do I switch
from Adonai to Nature’s
effects by filling pages
not with his majesty
but other opera omnia,
with other wonders
than God’s? Or is God
another name of Nature?
[590] Nature’s art is
its Maker’s masterpiece;
Nature is his daughter
who makes us be amazed
at the superior power
of Fathomless her father.
He gave sea its concept
and waving to waters
united—out of numerous
streams one sea came
[600] partly screened from us.
One liquid element:
between the heavy earth
and the ephemeral air
is its seat, circumscribed
by fixed frontiers.
Solely one is the sea
with endless depths,
in the eyes of explorers
who sun-like circuited
[610] the Earth west to east
or from Pole to Pole.
Can the Caspian Sea
be out of all others
so enclosed by coasts?
Yes” the eye would
answer, as it anciently did
separating the Red Sea
from India. Foolishly.

(to be continued on Mar. 27)