SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 619-693

No exact experience
[620] of mortal man may
show how the Caspian
surrounded by soil
is linked to all others:
only a superhuman pilgrim
will ascend to the sky
and transfix its spheres
beyond Hubble’s line
and in perpetual peace
join angelical minds.
[630] That mind can monitor
tremendous trenches
and under-crust, the core
hidden by Nature:
it—he saw the Caspian
Sea’s underground galleries
as we already knew about
Alpheus Tigris et caetera.
Like a famous founder
of towns or architect who
[640] for the sake of supplies
digs deep pipes for
subterranean streams
from springs or swamps
God dug the deep sea
paths inside the planet.
The divine Daedalus
made one sea among
not only such sets as
Cadiz Africa Sardinia
[650] Ligurian and Thyrrenan
Ionian Adriatic Aegean
and islands and harbors
and Myrthoum and Pontus
and Hellespont and Swamp
but Arabia India Persia
are incredibly connected
to a central Ocean.
The enclosed Caspian
Sea seemingly separated
[660] like a private pilgrim
hides this liquid hook.
God didn’t say “earth”
but “let dryness be seen”
defining it dryness
even earlier than
any sun was able to
dry it: our Grandmother
took her talcum powder
since He spoke and
[670] waters furiously fell
leaving her slimy like
Florida at first.
But dryness denoted
her main mood
her eternal essence.
Water is cold, hot is
fire, wet is weather
and earth is dry.
The bull by bellowing
[680] the panther by roaring
the horse by whinnying
the earth by dryness;
about early elements
the mind can comprehend
nothing nobler.
Subject to our senses
are transient things
in ever-waged war
below lunar beams
[690] so pureness has parted
and nothing is true:
matters all mixed up,
copulation of causes.

(to be continued on Apr. 3)