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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 694-769

by Selkis + ilT

Earth dry and cold
water wet and cold
air hot and wet
fire hot and dry,
features two by two
link the elements
[700] and total they mix
in a temporary peace.
Dancing dandies
are tied and tie
in a choral circle
that turns and returns;
so the Basics’ Ball
raves within a ring
where water is joined
to soil by coldness
[710] while by wetness
it approaches air
which in between
is as wet as water
and as hot as Agni.
Two enemy natures
by bonds of battle
joust and are joined.
Oh the worlds wonderful
uncrakably knotted
[720] chain, certainly
harder than adamas
the Almightys art!
Oh the transient things
omnipotent order!
You vary but observe
old universal laws
equal from Equator
to the Poles, partially
recallingwhile racing
[730] the divine dharma.
When the waters were
gathered in gurgite vasto
God saw that the sea was
splendid: not by sight
but in his mind admiring
his valuable works.
Such a relaxing sight
is a serene sea that
whispers whitish.
[740] A stupendous sight
too if it ripples regularly,
sapphire or purple,
not harassing in anger
the contiguous coasts
but hugging the earth
with friendly foams.
That’s however not how
God gazed at it
nor bailing beauty;
[750] He loved the logos
in his own wonders.
The surrounding sea
waters the earth forever
and through tunnels
deep inside the soil
divides itself as if
in human mines.
Spontaneously stored
there, it then snakes
[760] pushed by its spirit
and springs outside again
but its taste has turned
fully into freshwater—
since to meet metals
has added heat to it
so that it often boils
in the islands’ inland
both by the beach
and farther far.

(to be continued on Apr. 10)