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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 770-834

by ilT + Selkis

[The sea is. . .]
Beautiful before God
because of its burrows.
Beautiful because
it receives all rivers
but limits itself.
Beautiful as the box
of rains and humors
falling as frost or snow;
once heated, it exhales
its vapors upwards
[780] up to the place where
indirect rays give
no more heat, and there
the vapors converge
and descend in drops
that fertilize the Earth’s
dryness, and she conceives
so many manners of
beasts flowers and trees.
Who will dare deny this
[790] considering a cauldron
that fizzes and fumes
so as to fill the air
with its subtlest spirits?
The very sea waters
can be cooked in sponges
for thirsty traders
when they sail offshore.
Absolutely handsome in
the immutable Minds eye
[800] is Poseidon offering
all beaches in his bosom.
He connects the countries
in all latitudes
and paves a viable way
to ships which ship
interesting items
all over the world,
as nerds are in need
and redskins are robbed.
[810] Many more hidden
manifold marvels are
listed in recent reports.
Can I reach a rock
so high above the shore
or a peak proper
and overlook the ocean
so as to sip the sight
as God did that day?
But beautiful as it may be
[820] according to Abba,
more rapturous is the rite
of the faithful who fill
a shrine like sea waves
and voice their vows
and piously pray
whispering like waters.
May the Pope present
a friendly face throughout
the luminous liturgy
[830] and kick Christianity
Urbi et Orbi, and open
the Trinitarian treasures
and give away graces
and sponsor the Poet.

(to be continued on Apr. 17)