SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 835-912

God added, “Let Arda
germinate grass
and fructifying trees
consistent with seeds.”
And the Mega-Mother
[840] now freed from foam
and relaxing, restarted
to labor all of a sudden.
Yes, Gods command
worked as a law
of nature unchangeable
in the erasing of eras
and functioning forever.
The pregnant Parent’s
firstborn is the seed;
[850] when it grows green
it becomes like grass
then develops virtus
as herb or whatever
up to perfection
each in its own age.
In spite of similarity
they don’t look identical
nor very different.
Not helped, the Mother
[860] did this, not needing
other than Omega.
Some see the sun as
the cause of growth
by warming her womb
and having her energies
finally surface:
Cannot they recall that
our biosphere was born
sooner than the sun?
[870] Let they quit the cult
of the Sun therefore
as the great gardener.
Stop being surprised
please stop praying
no more monuments
and idols and temples
no more religions
of pagan peoples who
(overpowered) overseas
[880] under an unknown sky
in the Wild West
worship the Sun by writing
madly made murals.
Let they know, God knows
how, about the awful
job of Jehovah
the psyche-delic smith;
let they (if any trouble lies
hard in their hearts) see
[890] that that shiny sun
the all-illuminating
the Terra-trotter
the launcher of light
the eye in the sky
the lender of life
the luminous leader
is younger than hay
a grandson of grass.
Yep! the shearable sheep
[900] and buff buffaloes
found their food before
even earlier than man.
Let LORD, who prepared
to oxen and horses
a ready-made repast,
give you gourmandism
on Trimalcionian tables:
He in fact who feeds
and fattens your flocks
[910] will also in silver
and platinum plates
tickle your taste.

(to be continued on Apr. 24)