SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 913-972

A germinating seed
already implies preparing
means of maintenance.
Herb is energy, as well
as the varying veg
between herbs and trees,
of an uncertain class.
[920] Not all anyway are
the result of seeds:
the spear grass is not
(the crown of Romans)
nor is the reed, relaxing
the horny cowboy,
nor the mint—myriads
are the seedless sons
of rabbit-like Earth
insofar as the root
[930] is an ersatz seed.
The reed grows green
one whole year, then
out of its root rises
something seed-powered
or a servo-seed.
Olive doesn’t
result from reed
but reed from reed
as stated by Shaddai.
[940] That which was
conceived and created
from darkness to daylight
season after season
will be born again
virtually forever.
Phew! Few words
suddenly sounded and
the infertile Earth
elaborated labor
[950] and feracious with fruits
opened her womb.
Like a weeping widow
who puts off her weeds
and puts on Prada
and fancy fashion,
so the melancholy-looking
dreary Domina
wove with verdant
[960] plants a supercharged
gown with garlands.
Remember member
by member God’s marvels
and host in your heart
his works by wheeling
your eyes everywhere:
He willed the Whole.
No plant is superfluous
no herb is left behind,
[970] they all can recall
your Father’s face and
call back the banished.

(to be continued on May 1)