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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The last dragon has been killed by Wonder Woman

La profezia ("The Prophecy," but the original title is A League of One) is a master DC Comics story entirely written and drawn, or rather painted, by Christopher Moeller. It tells about the last dragon, a female, superbly designed specimen called Drakul Karfang, sort of a Smaug who survived the Middle Ages and now could easily and definitively be defeated by modern super-heroes, but a prophecy interferes that makes things much more thorny.

The book, recently published in Italy by DC Comics - Lion - RW, also includes a completely different story by Moeller: Acciaio freddo (Cold Steel), in which Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc., take part in an alien war, figthing from inside gigantic robots like Gundam or the Transformers: among the most beautiful mechas ever seen.