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Sunday, May 15, 2016

7 Days: 3 opportunities

 The 7 Days of CryAction is a complete, updated, reworked, customized and treacherous English version of Torquato Tasso's long poem Il Mondo Creato (On the Seven Days of the World's Creation), some 10,000 lines. Tasso wrote it in 1592 but it was first published after his death in 1607, becoming a success all over Europe, possibly influencing no less than John Milton.
This reboot version, while following the original text closely, line by line, rereads it as a very modern work dealing with Darwin, DNA, dinosaurs, Marvel comics, jihadists, world religions, the jet set, ecology, UFOs, Lovecraft, . . .

Well, it is now possible to read the whole text of the 7 Days in two ways:
1. By keeping following the posts published in this blog
2. By ordering a paper edition to the publisher, GuardaStelle, email guardastelled(at)libero(dot)it
3. By downloading the Kindle edition here.


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