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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bruegel the Much Younger

One more wonderful book that reinterprets typical Renaissance themes with modern fantasy and sci-fi variations. In this Journey in the Phantasmagorical Garden of Apparitio Albinus -- that is the title of the English version -- the Chilean writer and artist Claudio Andrés Salvador Francisco Romo Torres gives us the opportunity to meet again some "old acquaintances": the fountain of youth, a Turkish (and Leonardesquely robotic) warrior, a Bruegelian head-like house, the Demiurge, the mandrake, and puzzling animals, and strange islands, all the way up to a mazy universe. Many of these subjects already existed in the Middle Ages, or still before, even a lot of time before, but it happened in the Renaissance that they started to mix with modern scientific accuracy and to originate new, amazing effects, half humorous, half disturbing.

Noticeably are the topics of religion and death. There also seemed to appear some tributes to the Italian cult book for collectors Codex Seraphinianus, but, in order to be certain about that, we asked Claudio Romo himself. And he replied: hola dario, claro que conosco el codex serafiniano y es para mi un gran referente!

Claudio Romo, Viaggio nel fantasmagorico giardino di Apparitio Albinus, Modena: #logosedizioni, 2016, pages 56 (20 x 30 cm, more or less), euros 18