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Friday, May 20, 2016

Il Mondo Creato: A "basil" source

St Basil's Sermons on Genesis, more precisely a commentary on the six (or seven) days of creation, was absolutely one of the main sources for Torquato Tasso's long poem Il mondo creato. The Italian edition shown here also provides the original Greek text, that -- among other things -- lets the reader get familiar with the theological/cosmological technical terms of the Eastern Christian tradition. A fascinating book where the Bible, philosophy, and science 'dialogue' with one another in a multidisciplinary approach. Tasso read Basil's Sermons in a Latin translation, and added a fourth key in his turn: literature. It is also worth noticing that St. Basil "the Great," considered the Church Father by the Orthodox Churches, plays a relatively secondary role in the Western tradition, therefore Tasso's use of his work is doubly significant.

Speaking of which, the new, free English version of Il mondo creato, i.e. The 7 Days of CryAction, has just been published (see the May 15 post).