SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 1063-1147

Simple-minded sheep
and goats that graze
in looming mountains
can avoid the harmful
species by their senses—
you can rely on reason
and expanded experience.
Harmful things anyway
[1070] can turn into useful
and what injures Juliet
can refresh Romeo:
Good and evil equilibrate,
nothing exists in vain.
Starlings love hemlock
a frigid food that does not
harm their hot temper,
partridges pick veratrum.
Balance is the best way.
[1080] Mandrake and opium make
you sleepy but excited
famed femmes and heroes
ill with impotence.
Veratrum is verily
famous in philosophy
insofar as it stirs
the speculative spirits,
see Praetus’ daughters
Hercules out of his head
[1090] and Pericles’ pedagogue.
Hemlock also flings back
savannah-hunter’s hunger.
So praise God, instead,
who gears evil to good
unleashing Life from Death.
Don’t dare think that
against his accord
Gea may generate
although classical authors
[1100] talked about Titans.
But infelix fern with
no flowers nor fruits
and rye-grass are
self-made, not from
mere metamorphosis.
They pre-represented those
whose words would
comment on old papers
uselessly by polluting
[1110] truth with turdness
as bastards born
of puritan purity do,
while Christ compared
his faithful followers
to a seed that springs
into real ripeness.
In core accordance
with a Law not low
the Mother momentarily
[1120] edidit DNA:
fields were fertilized
and like stormy seas
crops counter-waved.
Each shoot and shrub
mustard- or mast-high
leafy and lofty trees
all future food prepared
to wretched Man
had risen, growing green
[1130] above and abundantly
enriching the earth
safe from all storms
and thundering tempests.
No untrained tiller
or bored or boasting
no corrupt climate
or lightning or locusts
or witness of Wrath
could fu** the fruits
[1140] or crush the corn.
Nor did Edenlessness
sterilize the soil yet
as plants were precedent
to our Grandsire’s sin
that damned us to duty
hard and have hard
sustenance from sweat.

(to be continued on May 15)