Sunday, May 1, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 973-1061

by ilT + Selkis

Before flowers then hay
think that like hay
human flesh fails
and your skin skims
and glory glooms.
A very lovely lover
enjoys his hay-day
[980] in a luxurious life
with sweet sentiments
and hubrifying hope
frills freely flying
perfumed personality
lean-limbed and strong
on a steroidized steed
as a Rodomont racing
inside an iron mask
whinnying and winning…
[990] “Oh pal, youre so pale
eyes suddenly sunken
muscles trembling
embedded in a bed
your voice vanishes…”
Here comes the heiress
of whoevers wealth
proud of her own pride
followed by her fans
followed by her flock
[1000] of photographers
of false friends
she leaves her villa
or returns radiant
each time stirring
Gorgons and gossip;
crowds crow crow
gazing at her grace
donations and ads.
Add political power
[1010] city counseling
military manoeuvres
royal party-taking
brawny bodyguards
in fashion uniforms
while poor people fear
the price of products
the policies of police
undeserved death
(so do the rich, really).
[1020] Nay! One night later
sides and stomach ache
and fever flames,
the jet-set is jolted
and the sad starlet
is left without life
without outriggers,
all majesty merges
into dream and dark.
Like a feeble flower
[1030] is the Great’s glory,
the fool of Fortune.
The very food of frail
Tom has turned into
symbiotic Venom.
Wheat with hemlock!
and food was feigned
by hues of hell-bore.
Now witches wanted
aconite, there appeared
[1040] mandrake from mud,
the poppy popped up.
Shall we stigmatize
the World-maker who
provided death too?
No, not any aliment
is good for your gut
or for sweetness’ sake
for all kinds of food
have their own availability
[1050] and proper properties.
Bull’s blood was poison
to Themistocles—taming
Persians impromptu
then suddenly submitting
to their authority:
Had that beast better
(in spite of all plows
and worthy works)
not be? or be bloodless?
[1060] Or shouldn’t you shun
poison and have ham?

(to be continued on May 8)