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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the dark, dark forest (6)

[16: 7]

E scinto e nudo un piè, nel cerchio accolto
Mormorò potentissime parole.
Tre volte volse a l'Orïente il volto,
Tre volte a' regni ove dechina il sole;
E tre scosse la verga ond'huom sepolto
Trar da la tomba e dargli il moto ei suole;
E tre col piede scalzo il suol percosse,
Poi co 'l grido la terra e 'l ciel commosse.

He took a shoe off, and stepping inside
The circle, murmured most powerful words.
Three times he then turned towards the East,
Three times in the direction of sunset,
Thrice shook the rod by which he often called
Corpses out of the grave and made them stir;
His naked foot having beaten the ground thrice,
His shout finally upset earth and sky.