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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 1303-1383

by ilT + Selkis

Consider Darwinistically
how trees are tilled
by editing their essence
with improving inputs—
and know yourself.
The African apple with
white and purple pearls
[1310] hidden then eaten
comforting the thirsty
often changes its acidity
into sweetness; so will
the bitter almond do
if you drill its trunk
by the roots and put
a wedge with pitch
into its pith. Therapeutic
is barley for the leaves
[1320] making them majestic:
the force of farming!
But if laziness leaks
and needs are neglected
the dendra will decay.
Some chance to change
even without help.
A white poplar happens
to blacken, overflowing flax
turns into tare and
[1330] water mint into mint.
So does your soul
not carefully cleaned
lose its own whiteness
or turn into narrowness
or fall from above
unless culture comes
and helps it to evolve.
O mortals, learn how
to polish your psyche
[1340] and heal its illness.
Who could tell and list
all different fruits
and colors and savors
and hidden energies?
Not only do one thousand
species sprout their fruits
but the very same species
can vary as to color
shape and even sex.
[1350] Palms surely possess
both males and females;
as driven by desire
she unfolds her fingers
to hug her husband.
The figs, as follows:
a “foreign” fig plants
itself close to a garden
and fruits make friends
with those inside. This
[1360] will defuse diseases
and prevent pollution.
What do symbols signify?
Maybe Tellus teaches
that foreigners fortify
and make us magnificent.
Let Italy have an insight
Italy so weak in war
and corrupt in peace
and blind to business
[1370] let it appreciate the Alps
and their proud peoples
and have its own weakness
enlivened by Leagues
or by examples at least.
The direst degeneration
that deprives plants
of spiritual strength
is when—woe woe woe
male turns into female;
[1380] so, let man mind
he never effeminizes
his brave heart because
of laziness or luxury.

(to be continued on June 12)