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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 3: 1384-1482

based on Primo Levi's short story Ammutinamento

Between different phyla
Nature put peace
or hostility and hate.
Pomegranates and myrtle
or the latter and olive
are full-blown friends
[1390] and nice neighbors.
Vine and fig figure
as enormously enemies,
a natural hint at wars
of well-meaning allies.
But sometimes they marry
as in kin kingdoms
after woeful wars;
a foray into the fig
will also kill the vine,
[1400] an “Earl-y” example
of conjugal concord.
A cabbage approaching
a vine sort of veils her
most sparkling mood
and balances boozers
by controlling alcohol.
Most harmless are
apple and pomegranate
troubling no tree.
[1410] Pacifically the pine
with numerous needles
gives superior shade
tho on reduced roots;
under its cool coldness
myrtle and laurel live.
Under the state meant
by a non-greedy king
who doesnt Deinonychus-like
prey on his people
[1420] peace props the many
pushing painting and study
ornament and honor.
There are LGBT trees
with a border-line life,
Myricae among these,
in faraway wilderness
or deep in ponds like
(me, like) those who often
change parties and palaces
[1430] following Fortune
always for the worse.
What about their tears?
What about weeping
wood, and living humors
gathered transparent?
Slow and sticky tears
have lentisks, and balsam
has sweet-smelling tears,
the precious plant from
[1440] Hebrew export;
the ferula from Africa.
√Člektron is a liquid
that trickles from trunks
and turns into stone.
Ha, words overflow
and find no stop sign
all over the world,
theyd go on gyrating
for myriads of minutiae
[1450] that can glorify God
as well as a Chinese Wall.
So let us slow down
for our audiences sake
and before the brief day
of my life may set.
O you plants-watchers
in hothouses woods
high peaks and pools
or under the Red Sea
[1460] studying their stems
and leaves and flowers
see Super in Small
and add—addicted—
more marvels still
made by the magnificent
Forger of four dimensions.
He said, “Let lutum
make wood and sweet
fruits.” Therefore a
[1470] spinning-top model
was the whirling world
hit by his utterance
always alternating
season after season
dressing then undressing.
God’s voice gloriously
spins the spheres so
that year after year
motion is maintained.
[1480] May He halt this
when earth and heavens
enjoy their eternal rest.

(to be continued on June 19)