SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 1-75

Songday 4

While watching wrestlers
or hundred-meter runners
during grand games
or the Army’s achievements
at home and abroad
or tour tournaments
you are moved within
by feelings following
the battling boys,
[10] so, are a fan perforce
of one opponent
waiting for his victory
n’ shouting savagely.
Ditto with those who
look to trans-logical
horizons or hear about
incomprehensible hints
at ineffable Phronesis:
they will in themselves
[20] burn with perception
in contemplation to catch
so many marvels made
by Ho Theos in a trice.
With all of their strength
as faithful friends
they will have to help
truth not to be stifled
and without any faults
enlighten the hearts.
[30] But, am I boasting?
In this holy enterprise
in which I temerariously try
to weigh the Whole by
depicting the beginning
and our ball’s birth
not searching at random
throughout gross Greece
as boobies do, blinded
by false philosophies
[40] like Plato’s or Aristotle’s
let alone Egyptian geeks
but directly and divinely
from the Red Sea savior—
may he escort me safely
out of this terrifying
sea of petty pride!
Clement! Moses’ copy
renewing his example
and, like him, a slide
[50] of the Sky’s Sovereign
though in worldly shadow:
You are currently the true
living and illustrious image
of God’s spotless glory,
you reflect its rays, so
please share something
of it with my poor mind
and may your light lead
the spirit-pilgrims.
[60] If they ever elevated
their eyes in the evening
to the starry systems
and thought about theology
(Who created cosmos?
Who forged fantasies
with gleams and gold?
Why does Vorstellung
win against Wille?)
and if by doing so they
[70] learned to look at God
and from unseen shapes
to imagine the Invisible—
they will surely sit
in this theandric theater
where his Doxa dives.

(to be continued on June 26)