Sunday, June 26, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 76-145

by Nivalis70, from the anthology
Emanations: Third Eye,
International Authors, 2013

Me, Tasso, tour operator
guiding foreigner guys
to the top towers
of some Chinese city,
[80] that is, souls of seekers
(so far erring on earth)
to the sublime secrets
of this huge heavenly
City the old home
of our ancestor Adam
and gold-sharing God.
We were thence exiled
by the Assas-Sin
who hooks and kills
[90] eternally, enslaving
us with strong strings
of hardest adamant.
My guests will guess
the auriferous origin
of everlasting soul
as well as the suddenly
attacking atrocious Death
the worthy son of Sin;
of Sin, the firstborn
[100] of Dis the disobedient
the prince of pollution
the evocator of evil.
Theyll know themselves
as fatally frail
while also the work
of God’s crafts-Manship,
therefore themselves
launching towards El
worshiping Wotan
[110] serving Shaddai
praying the Supplier
glorifying the Giver
the Lord of all lives
on earth and in heaven.
This they will learn
and exalt Him endlessly
insofar as his presents
to us mean mortals
support his promises about
[120] extraterrestrial treasures
and his divine dome
to which He calls Hope
who otherwise snakes.
If ever-changing chaff
is nice nonetheless,
what about Walhalla?
If visible vanity
looks so pleasant,
what about aorata?
[130] If the sky’s size
overcomes measure,
who will comprehend
the infinite Physis?
The sun is splendid
true to its turns
useful to humankind
the eye of the sky,
we long for its light
every evening, even
[140] if it will die one day:
What about the beauty
of the Sun of dikaiosyne?
If night proves a pain,
what will the damned do
without the true Light?

(to be continued on July 3)