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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 389-458

by ilT + Selkis

The same considerations
[390] can be made on the moon;
its body is very big
and—except for the sun—
no other shines as much
but it not always appears
and its brightness varies
either full-surfaced
or dimly diminishing.
By waxing and waning
it partly disappears:
[400] Eternal Intelligence
with his articulate art
provided a clear proof
(the metamorphic moon)
of Man’s manifoldness
with our fickle lives
without one Tenor
and any fixed firmness.
Both begin by growing
up to the uppermost point
[410] then both burn out
turning into nothingness.
Let no guy glorify
himself or boast of
wealth or power
with pissing pride
fiercely full of shit
for a Congress chair.
Down with our decaying
side, up with the soul
[420] that lives limitless!
Remember the randomness
of man-things and maintain
your hold of Leholam.
If a dismal moon
can sadden our spirits
let us rather rue
the vanishing of virtue—
a theological treasure—
and the end of Edenic
[430] decorum and dignity.
Really the revolutions
of this planet pattern
the Nietzschean nuts
as moonish as the moon.
Man’s mind—some say—
having two halves:
powerful and passive,
the former forms a sun
the latter illuminated
[440] defeats darkness
in the moon’s manner
which shines secondarily.
Our mortal mental part
(provided this applies)
thanks to the other’s light
spots shapes in itself;
but the superior source
won’t be afraid of death,
to the extent that heathens
[450] grasped it as God.
No god—others objected—
but a creature, although
as splendid as the sun.
But let reason rest
in peace, prone before
the philosophy of faith
that treats intellectual
truth directly in Dios.

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