SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 146-195

Creator Trinity based on
the Hamilton Bible, 14th century

Summing it up. First Sky,
earth, and light: done.
Night and day: distinct.
The sky also existed
[150] named after “firm,”
the shell of universe.
Dryness, underwater
so far, was partly freed
from waves, and waters
were gathered together.
The planet was pregnant
with Flora full of
grass and fine flowers.
Green the quivering
[160] trees. And nevertheless
no Apollo no Artemis
no launcher of light
no transformer of things
produced by Pomona—
he whom a quid pro quo
of mortals misguided
by senses did sense
as God. But his good
opus was over in Day
[170] Three: Four follows.
Let there be,” He bid,
two lamps to illuminate
the soil by splitting
the duration of day
into light and night.”
He Worded and Worked.
He” who? Won’t you get
the mystical mystery of
two Hypostases? A history
[180] full of philosophy
revealed to holy writers
and now wrapped up
as in a covering cloud.
Won’t you get the great
utility of that utterance?
Now shine,” He said,
and illuminate Earth
and warm her wellness!”
And He forever had
[190] the sun’s rays sent
to the just and the unjust
as He benefits both
giving gifts and grace
even to evildoers
via sun and stars.

(to be continued on July 10)