SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 196-277

See no inconsistency
in our Father’s fixing
light before the sun-lamp;
there was light without
[200] any sun and any stars.
As body serves soul
and chariot, charioteer,
the two globes were given
to light—and it flashed.
It flashes first of all
to immaculate intellects
in its Blakean birth
then to superficial senses
by driving day and night
[210] never tarrying or tired
along crooked curves.
Yes, pure light preceded
the sun-delimited days:
while He himself divided
its dazzle from darkness
He asked the sun to
note night and day.
He offers the objects
to our spirits; the sun then
[220] distinguishes them.
Administered to the moon
is His splendor too
so as to hew the hours.
We dare therefore
intellectually at least
separate sun and light
as in fire we find
both lighting and heat.
It already happened
[230] when Ruby received
its shine separately
from pyrogenous power
that remains in rest:
God is so great that
He can isolate either.
In the day of donating
eternal prizes and pains
He will unfix the fire:
light will lie together
[240] with the well-graced,
heat will go to hell.
Metamorphic Moon
shows and tells the same
with different dresses;
by losing light, she
doesn’t get disembodied
but puts on and off
her silver splendor
therefore her flesh
[250] is not her aura.
The same with the Sun
but his light lies still
as a gift from God.
The Moon’s mantle
is basically borrowed
and follows her phases.
So He told them how
to divide the days from
their neighbor nights
[260] abstaining from cocktails
friendship and feasts
of Light and Night united.
Day includes darkness;
analogously in the night
Nosferatu Nature
must subject shadows
to the shine of stars.
Westward shadows
at dawn, then eastward,
[270] minimal at midday,
bypassing the Bears.
Night yells and yields
to the photons’ fury,
it is simply a shadow
of the opaque orb
that soon at sunrise
flies and fades away.

(to be continued on July 17)