SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 328-388

If from the tall top
of a giant you gazed
[330] at a valley below
what about the oxen
or the plow-people?
They turned into ants,
their limbs shrinking
to dim dimensions:
so totally lessened
is our sense of sight
in spaces stretching
far away from us.
[340] If from a cliff
you watch the waves
what is any island
that lies lost there
or a commercial cargo
whose white smoke
looks like wings
over the cobalt back?
Dimmer than a dove
is such a big bulk:
[350] there vanishes in vacuum
the might of Man.
Mountains and meadows
show no distinction
since no grottoes give
the effect of relief,
everything is equalized
by disturbing distance
that deceives the eye.
Towers look round
[360] in spite of their sides
towards Aquilo and Auster
and East and West.
Undoubtingly believe
that infinitely far icons
deceive your sight.
So, massive is the sun
and this shows its size:
There are scores of stars
each full of photons
[370] but all together do not
tear the night’s attire
while the sole sun rising
or even when, waited for,
it is almost about to,
destroys darkness
snobbing the stars;
the air, thick with chill,
is warmed and melted,
sweet clearness shines
[380] and a balmy breeze
mounts murmuring and
down pours the dew.
Marvelous the Master’s
skills who setting the sun
so far, tempered the heat
thus saving the soil
from temperature extremes
and safeguarding fertility.

(to be continued on July 31)