SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The 7Days of CryAction 4: 278-327

Thus the Father gave
clear rules to Ra
[280] and made the Moon
with her argent halo
the numen of night.
In front of each other
were the two sky torches,
the sun rose right then
while Selene halved—
but if the sun sets
Selene shows her
fine face in the East.
[290] In different forms
she won’t wane at dawn
for in her full shape
in her perfect figure
crowned with candor
she’s the night sovereign
superior to the stars
the ersatz of Sun.
He is the day’s David
who just-married comes
[300] out outstandingly
with a cooler crown
fencing his forehead,
and truly titanically
crosses the sky, he
the lord of light.
Milder is the moon
but secret is its size
compared with constellations
or included in itself
[310] in a refined ring:
like a sea? like the sky?
How can it illuminate
the boundless balconies
of earth sea ’n’ sky?
A perfect circumference
to Ethiopians Indians
Hyperboreans it appears
by setting or rising
or high in the sky;
[320] its size gets not smaller
because of one’s site
on the world web
nor bigger because of
closeness (as usual).
And the sun always looks
at the same distance
from any inhabitant.

(to be continued on July 24)