SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

War strategies (5)

[16: 18]

Hor questo udendo, il Re più s'assecura,
Sì che non teme le nemiche posse.
Già riparate in parte havea le mura,
Che de' montoni l'impeto percosse;
Con tutto ciò, non rallentò la cura
Di ristorarle ove sian rotte o mosse.
Le turbe tutte, e cittadine e serve,
S'impiegan qui: l'opra continua ferve.

By learning this, the King feels much safer
And fears no longer the enemy forces.
He had partly repaired the city walls
That had been hit by the battering rams,
And now did not slow down the efforts
To restore them where broken or fallen.
All the people, both citizens and slaves,
Are employed: the work proceeds feverishly.