SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 459-519

by ilT + Selkis

We will now show the
[460] full moon’s usefulness
for earthly items
and sea species by
swelling itself and life,
and vice versa by waning,
in a balanced blend
of humidity and heat.
No, no cold celestial
mass is the moon, though
less hot than Apollo.
[470] When she in a circle
shows her warm curves
bullying her brother
as a past-midnight sun,
nights become welcome
more than when she has
a scythe or silver horns
because of sunbeams.
Then verdant trunks
germinate greener
[480] and flourish fatter;
more savory undersea
are clams; and caravaneers
sleeping outside feel
their brains banging.
We’ll skip her skittering
effects on wind ’n’ waves:
let it suffice to cite
her place and power.
Human nous should never
[490] dare measure the moon
since our science sways.
She’s so great as to grant
light to cities set apart
by oceans and countries—
either in the wild West
or in Aurora’s halls
or below the Bears
or in the burning belt
that splits the planet,
[500] all are equally lit
all with direct rays.
This definitely fixes
its big size, in spite of
any sense or reasoning
so shut up, O sophists.
He who gave us gnosis
will hopefully help us
approach aletheia.
His world-forging wisdom
[510] is big in tiny things
and bigger in big ones
for example moon & sun;
but by weighing either
against their Author—
He who gathers greatness
in himself and holds
the Whole in his hand
both will be just like
Ant-Man or Meister Floh.

(to be continued on Sept. 4)