SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 520-576

He also sowed stars
after forging the firmament
unadorned in Day 2.
Stars,” some dare deem,
are not only the lofty
almost eternal lights
but include comets
and flaming figures
that appear in the air
or in the Sphere of Fire
[530] lower than Luna.
These however never
have a certain shape
or frame, in a flash
they will vanish
and melt in mid-air
like exhalations exiting
from Earth’s hystera.
If Gea doesn’t give
them dry dross, they
[540] will scarcely survive
and soon pass over:
one day, or they even die
as soon as they surge.
The famous mayfly
(a bug from Bug River)
sees one sun, not more,
and disappears at sunset;
with it Nature and Heaven
acted so avariciously!
[550] Well, its fate I prefer
to those fiery forms’.
But folks put the falling
stars in the same bundle
and ask nonsensically
if they factually fall
tho theoretically eternal
or the like—whose life
should cross the centuries.
Here “falling” is a figure
[560] of speech for stupids.
But among those images
sculpted with light
some have a certain site
and such a long life
that they are true parts,
and stupendous, of the sky.
See the Galaxy lane
gleaming lactescent
and full of fixed stars
[570] which leads to the lofts
of Pantheon and provides
a passage to human souls
bouncing into their bodies
then bouncing back
towards their own stars
(according to the ancients).

(to be continued on Sept. 11)