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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 577-648

by ilT, Selkis, and illustrious collaborators

While red-colored comets
that terminate tyrants
and crack kingdoms
[580] enjoy a short existence
then die in two years;
as briefly as a baby does
the fearful flash live that
terrorizes our towns.
This doesn’t abide between
Capricorn and Cancer
and before it booms
the sun dissolves it.
Beyond the round route
[590] of planets it passes
navigating northwards
then unties its tresses
or its burning beard
and frightfully-faced
threatens death.
Such a dire danger
was termed a star
in spite of its spawn;
never innocent even
[600] if seemingly harmless
against Emperor Nero
but that proved just PR as
the comet catastrophically
spared a super-villain—
why didn’t it kill him?
Shall we classify among
these the especial escort
of the camel Magi?
He only knows this who
[610] manufactured that flame
voluntarily voyaging
as if equipped with IQ:
a theological item for
a prodigious purpose.
Others already existed
and were given Begriff
by the celestial smith.
Their life does not rely
famishing on food
[620] running after the air
and seas for exhalations
as Milton maintains
following old philosophers:
No, angel life is glorious
eternal by eyeing God
through Logos and Love.
These major minds were
delivered on Day One
before the sun and stars;
[630] on Day 4 the Forger
put them in their places
like trustworthy warriors
detailed to defend
a stronghold or tower.
Others moreover rolled
unforced unfatigued
the shining spheres.
Others He ordained as
the Hulks of humans
[640] for a divine duty,
of his thelema on Tellus
who constantly carry
quick graces from God
or slow sighs from Man.
And others obedient
in his service encircle
Him numberless.

(to be continued on Sept. 18)