SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 649-721

From year 1 after Adam
[650] awoke in the world
not so many mortals
by his sinful seed
have been brought about
as the winged warriors
born to God’s blessing
and perennial pleasure
which makes them tarry
in eternal laziness
devoid of despondency.
[660] Those who think that
angels undergo hard labor
like millstone mules
or anguished Ixion
who rolls restlessly
their brains do rave.
Swami Aristotle too,
followed by thousands
and following astrophysics,
foolishly (tho forgivable)
[670] tried to determine
the quantum of Choirs
and a narrow number
should suffice, he said:
As many the motions
in the seven skies,
that many the movers.
He wouldn’t worship or
know about additional
jobs or angelology
[680] for “without working
life is lazy and proves
useless even in heaven”;
therefore not more
numerous than ouranoi,
while all extra entities
he deemed vain idols
of Greece and Egypt.
His genius couldn’t conceive
that the Creator’s Court
[690] needed different duties
not only that of turning
the spheres of skies,
he dismissed the idea
that a higher goal may
touch the eternal intellects
than the only one
he assigned to angels.
To move matter is
in fact a bodily business
[700] and a low labor
compared with the condition
of the King’s knights.
A more privileged purpose
a more honored object
a more mystic ministry
a more fitting figure
is due to immortal minds.
Far be it from LORD
to have an empty palace
[710] as a solitary sovereign
against a world swarming
with people and pride.
He who endows emperors
with scepters and crowns
and subjects and squads
and so many armies across
the nations and seas
should not remain mean
though self-sufficient—
[720] that would spoil his status,
and matter doesn’t matter!

(to be continued on Sept. 25)