SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 722-801

Tiny data can describe
everything that exists on earth
and in the sea and sky
(unlike infinite numbers
that division can’t diminish).
Now, who dares digitize
the list of pure intellects?
Don’t you mark how many
[730] rays the sun has, while
is itself one ray of Ra?
How many resplendent rays
how many spiritual sparks
develop from Divinity!
No tongue no thought can
express the endless number
of transcendent trains.
Surely some high reason
moved the Maker to
[740] make more perfect
creatures than defective.
The fierce beasts are few
in the solitary forests
and impervious valleys
while hundreds of herds
and flocks in the fields
follow their shepherds.
Adam’s descendants
occupy Europe and Earth
[750] that is a small mass
compared with the cosmos.
And heaven hosts more
inhabitants than stars,
and almost not content
with its first settlers
it welcomes immigrants
from muddy mundus,
offering them a home
guiding them and adding
[760] them to its towns.
Adam’s cursed children
are actually not aliens:
heavenly is the origin
of their souls, serenely
heading back home
from the dark dwelling
of this poor pilgrimage.
Man’s fleshly figure
comes from Adamic mud
[770] but he became re-born
in baptism and Pneuma
and as an honored heir
asks for the Iron Crown.
Wait, I’m carried away
by philanthropy beforehand!
Let’s go on considering
the circuit of sidera
whose appointed starters
are those sublime minds—
[780] not as a psyche proper
but a steering charioteer.
Thence the sky’s motions
either right to left or
the other way round,
where “right” implies East
the spring of Sky One
that then draws all others
in spite of themselves.
Left” I call the West
[790] the origin of all others:
the sun looks easterly simply
because of the tractor beam
that heads it back home.
In one light-and-dark day
the first sphere completes
one wheel, while the others
circle contrariwise
like an insect that settles
on a moving millstone
[800] and meanwhile walks
slowly against the stream.

(to be continued on Oct. 2)