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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 1065-1129

Dante's Odysseus by ilT + Selkis (see Album)

Two opposite schools
the one unconvincing
the other blasphemous
against heavens order
by putrefying its perfection
[1070] and simple symmetry
that’s why Nature nuts up.
Philosophy fights
against appearances
and refutes the rebels.
To confirm conjectures
reach some remote land
for example Ethiopia
in the heat of Tropics
by the Beasts’ Belt:
[1080] If the sun’s lesser
sphere spins unevenly,
no equinox will ensue;
if defaced Phoebe
shows you her shame,
her mole will sometimes
change its collocation.
Let no Bold-zebub
against Theos’ truth
model skies after Mirรณ!
[1090] Antiquity also affirms
incredible pieces of information;
twenty-five thousand years
are the unbelievable boast
of Egypt, and modern essays
maintain the memory
of its fabulous fictions.
They thought (so do others)
that across the aeons
the first sphere revolved
[1100] not East to West but
North to the southern pole,
so as to supposedly show
that Apollo accelerates
insofar as he swerves.
They even dared say
he rose twice in the West
and twice died at dawn
from West enlightening
then obscure in Orient.
[1110] The spot where the sun
seems to stop a while
(solstice, substantially)
changed, thus causing
such effects—the exploit
of Egyptian genius!
The solstice, they say,
was originally in Gemini
now in Cancer: unquiet
is that fake-fixed point,
[1120] no trustworthy art
no still buoyant bodies
of all manner of matter.
If this were true, then
the North one day will
be switched to South;
and the sun sailing
along a crooked route
will follow a straightforward
course on the Equator.

(to be continued on Nov. 6)