SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 802-864

Out of the Silent Planet: a Soroborn

Thirty years, tho looking lazy,
does Saturn run swifter
than all fellow planets;
twelve, slowcoach Jupiter;
two years, Marshal Mars
(more exactly, Malacandra);
one year obviously the sun
and a little less the star
[810] that delights dawn
as Lucifer, later called
Hesperus when it sets.
More or less the same
with the winged messenger;
twenty-seven days does
the moon’s loop last
tho seemingly speedier
in its shorter circuit
towards its given goal.
[820] It in fact first taught
how to divide one year
in months (entry: Numa)
because it catches back
the sun after twelve times—
but the Greeks preceded
and the Hebrews earlier.
Romulus, less interested
in calculus than carnage,
stated ten clumsy parts;
[830] the mistake was emended
by the wise Sabine king.
Thus the two lofty lamps
are watches wound up
by God their guide.
Year” means sun yearning
for the same sign
it started from, or rather
the very same spot
(by just joining the same
[840] star it would see it
shifted to a different place
by the pilot sphere).
Who makes them work?
The West names them
after the bogus gods
but they are angels
people of Providence
who obliquely ordained
the seven and the sun
[850] for the seasons sake
and it consequently causes
us to be and cease to be,
bios and thanatos in turn.
When the sun stays
faraway southward,
nights get unusually long
the air incredibly cold
the soil feels upset
rain falls and snow
[860] concretes into ice
on rocky backbones
re-pressing the rivers
while pool and ponds
become like crystal.

(to be continued on Oct. 9)