SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 865-930

When it comes closer
nel mezzo del cammin,
hours go fifty-fifty
and the wind warms.
Zephyr breathes, Spring
[870] is green and grins
with her flourishing family,
our pregnant Planetess
now safe from snow
cannot help whelping:
all plants spring up
animals are animated
and super-perpetuate
insofar as the sun
navigates northwards.
[880] When it comes to Cancer
and dilates the day
and at a peaceful pace
rides above our roofs
and warms our air, it
also dries soil and seeds
and ripens apricots.
The sun rejoices in July
and darts direct rays
at earth from heaven;
[890] days obtain time
shadows shorten instead
if days diminish, bodies
cast stretched shadows.
We see it so, who live
between Apollos line
and the Bears’ border
next to the Seven Oxen.
We constantly cast
shadows northwards;
[900] in tropical latitudes
natives don’t cast any
once and twice a year
when sun’s in the South
with vertical rays.
It even happens there
that narrow wells
blaze to the bottom,
see Syene, Berenice
and the prestigious palace
[910] between Nile branches
with the title and tomb
of Cambyses’ sister.
Beyond the balmy land
of Arabia, the Amphiskioi
show two shadows both
south- and northwards
as soon as the sun
passes past Aquilo
and felicitous Fall
[920] offers fruits and wine
out of verdant vines.
Summer’s now softened
and shades are sold up,
Libra levels the hours
and sees us to winter
when Sol leaves again
and journeys to India.
Such are the sun’s ways
such are time’s turns
[930] the managers of Man.

(to be continued on Oct. 16)