SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 931-990

(from the "DantEsq." set, work in progress: see)

More astounding is the art
and Paternal providence
by which the crooked courses
of planets are programmed,
and even stricter the sun’s
which never swerves from
its direction dividing
the Zodiac into zones.
The others are odder,
[940] less or more, and the moon
roams throughout its ring.
Venus even leaves her circle,
she shameless and fertile,
therefore in Africa and India
the horny wilderness
has plenty of species:
Let no one blame Baal
if on top of the totality
of his created chains
[950] fierce and fossil beasts
add decorum and awe.
But the Sun by preserving
his prescribed path
provides a true teaching
to emperors, the hard
voyage of virtue.
When his flame faces
the Moon who smashes
the Dragon’s head or tail,
[960] Helios denies his beams
by inserting the Earth
and Artemis turns pale.
Or as she approaches him—
namely twice in Gemini—
he is partly veiled instead.
Now, if heavenly light
can be slightly lost,
no worldly light, no
Fortune (that flashes into
[970] the eyes of idiots)
can help losing power;
this raises our thought
to the holy eternal Light
that never rises nor sets
nor fades nor fails.
But after becoming Body
He caused an eclipse
in an unexpected period
saddening Nature and
[980] in spite of astronomy.
On the sun’s distances,
the moon’s emerging
late and setting early,
why Saturn Jupiter Mars
contrariwise rise
at dawn, then go down
and many further effects
appearing in the spheres
many causes were conjectured
[990] by different thinkers.

(to be continued on Oct. 23)