SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 991-1064

About the contrary routes
(the upper sky hauling
the lesser against the stream)
some said each sky has
a center around which
a whole sphere spins;
farther than firmament
there is no super-sky
but seven are below
[1000] that add harmony
to the celestial lyre;
each sky has its spheres
like a collection of cars
of a big billionaire who
uses one to reach a ranch
another to drive back.
On the number of bodies
opinions are millions.
Eudoxus endowed the sun
[1010] with three carrier spheres,
as many as the moon’s; four
to the planets to transport
them back to their bases—
while one less to Luna
who doesn’t need a nurse.
Callippus added two carriers
to the sun and two as well
in the service of Selene.
In sum fifty-five spheres
[1020] listed by philosophers.
So many gold starry ships
so many machines
so many motions
serve the supreme mass
that turns within itself.
The inspirer of scholars
even almighty Aristotle
following them, fixed
too much matter and
[1030] not enough angels.
Our own Era however
upsets all ancient tenets
makes motions relative
and verifies vibrations
in changing approaches;
unbelievably bold they
defy the old times by
theorizing turns and returns
around scores of centers
[1040] in a timeless continuum.
Others held Hipparchus
or Ptolemys supposition
that abused the stars
with crooked courses,
an amazing monster!
He gave Apollo a triple
sphere whose center was
not the cosmic center,
not to speak of stars;
[1050] and the twisting sun
rolls now close now far
from the cosmic core.
In the biggest globe
a smaller one revolves
around private poles
even eccentrically:
here the sun shifts
higher or Earthwards
or against the signs
[1060] or in the same stream.
Ditto does the moon
whose well-shaped
ring would be irregular
with a quirky course… 

(to be continued on Oct. 30)