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Friday, October 21, 2016

Whatcha gonna do now, Tancred? (12)

[16: 44]

Che poi distinto in voci: - Ahi troppo (disse)
M'hai tu, Tancredi, offeso; hor tanto basti.
Tu del corpo che meco e per me visse,
Felice albergo giĆ , mi discacciasti:
Perch'il misero tronco a cui m'affisse
Il mio duro destino ancor mi guasti?
Crudel, dopo la morte offendi i lassi
Spiriti, e 'n tomba riposar non lassi?

That then distinctly said, "Ha, too much did
You already hurt me, Tancred! Now stop.
Out of that body that lived with and by me,
A then happy home, you drove me away: (*)
Why are you damaging the wretched tree trunk
To which my hard fate forced me to stick? (**)
Why do you, cruel, hurt after death the tired
Spirits? Let them rest in peace in their graves!"

(*) With an echo of Eve being forced to leave Eden.
(**) See Dante, Inferno 13: 97-100, and 106-108, referring to suicides -- another form of violent, sacrilegious death.