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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 4: 1130-1229

by ilT + Selkis (see Album)

So many marvels will
be seen in some centuries
in outer space, provided
anybody believes so.
As a cause they change
kingdoms, or kings indeed:
the old one was deposed
stars had a new sovereign.
Under Saturn the sky
slipped from the left
[1140] usurper Jupiter then
modified its motion
and by turn-transforming
he twisted all things
subject to the skies.
Like Benjamin Button
who heading for death
reversed his own age
came back to maturity
then little by little grew
[1150] young then younger
an innocent infant
eventually to the extreme
end of existence dis-
appearing in Ancient Mom.
Ha the truth of tales
betraying all doubts
about the fate of bodies—
given a very long law,
not eternal, by Elohim
[1160] and destined one day
to complete quiet.
Signs will be observed
preceding Doomsday
when the world’s frame
will fall aflame
the sun dripping red
and scary scars
on Selene’s skin.
The Forger in fact said,
[1170] “Let signs be seen
to dot days and years”
e.g. the lunar lakes
or Phoebus’ phenomena
that show us suggestions
for our toilsome lives.
An upset sky often
forecasts catastrophes,
many dry days have been
experienced by the elders.
[1180] One thing was taught
by the true Master:
When the sky is sadly
red, a tempest approaches.”
This happens when Helios
is clothed in dark clouds
through which his robe
gleams as through glass
almost bloodstained;
or when twin-suns turn
[1190] around him, making
three frightening suns
as ancient Rome noted
and still often occurs
in the snowy North.
Sometimes we also see
long looming stripes like
a Dürerian rainbow
that portends tempests
or a dull day at least.
[1200] The moony moon
prophesies phenomena:
pure and thin the third day
it promises happiness,
if it grows red and horned
it then threatens rain
and Auster’s attack
vehement and violent.
But signs are more easily
seen in Aquilo’s kingdom
[1210] by shrewd steersmen.
If that cloudy corona
circling the sun or stars
suddenly disappears
then seamen expect
clear sky and calm;
if the celestial crown
breaks, from that “banda
the wind is waited for;
if it shatters utterly
[1220] several spirits rise
to fight in the sky and sea
that become the battlefield
of warlike whirlwinds.
N.B. Signs can be substituted
by the mighty Mover.
May He show us serenity
from the cosmos, clearing
the dismal menaces
from our frail lives.

(to be continued on Nov. 13)