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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1-75

by Selkis + ilT

Songday 5

A citizen of elsewhere
about to go back home
after exile and exertions
and very many years of
an exhausting existence,
to his courteous host is
benevolent before leaving;
so we longing for a flight
sooner or later to heaven
[10] from this opaque orb
of clay and of ocean
which fed and cradled us
for a continued time
we owe words and gifts
of loyalty and love, of
an enduring memory,
to this dear devoted
Mother who welcomed us
adolescents and aged,
[20] to this transporting sea
to this lung-filling air.
Hear! Gods hand after
decorating the cosmos
replenished all places
with happy inhabitants
and left no desolation
and waste anywhere
nor solitary horror.
His brush embellished
[30] the sky with star-flowers
looking like eyes
and Sun and Selene
then added He, “Let air
and liquid now litter
all fliers and finned!”
Abruptly the rivers
and pools got pregnant
and the sea produced
sets of scaly shoals.
[40] Slimy swamps too
missing all motion
and lazily stagnating
were highly honored,
did not remain empty
when God gushed things,
suddenly springing
batrachians croaked
and at once all animals,
to obey his Order
[50] even waters yawped.
Innumerable items
impossible to list
were born and began
to move and make
their Makers hymns
humbling Man’s tongue.
Ladies and gentlemen,
something sentient
at last! Plants in fact
[60] by unfolding leaves
have life that feeds
their roots and the rest
but are not anima-ted
they lack intelligence
to organize the objects.
Yet, some suspect that
even barbarous barks
can twist themselves
and stretch their branches
[70] like amorous arms
with a secret passion
slowly but surely, according
to ancient authors.
Let hypotheses hide
in wooden whispers. 

(to be continued on Nov. 20)