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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 143-201

by ilT + Selkis
from the "DantEsq." set

Speechless species
and selfish are fish
impossible pets to be
carefully cuddled,
only occasionally
endowed with some
unusual sounds or
[150] even with voice
or a clumsy language
to express experiences.
Too slow is their spirit
unable is their lung
wet is their windpipe,
their speech is shaped
solely in their throat:
tongue and teeth are
needed, otherwise no
[160] concept can come.
Otherwise sounds shatter
as in the bees band
wound round their waists
that spoils the spirit
in Antinfernal anguish.
Other bugs break their
breath in that band
and sing wing-songs
so the forests are full
[170] of cicada jazz swing.
But in the fish family
scaly or crustaceans
some have no sound
some snort or shriek
and the water whirrs;
such concerts caused
the lyre-fish’s fame.
Pecten creaks as well
as the sea swallow,
[180] both fly high above
the waters with wings.
Aspropotamus River
hosts an abyssal boar
and the creek cuckoo
lullabies like the bird
but that’s no true voice
it’s merely the outcome
of grossly shaped gills.
More truly talkative is
[190] the half-fishy frog
the star of swamps
with lung and tongue
perfectly formed:
the former as in a fish
the latter (its clapper)
sticks to its throat.
Frogs frequently hoot
as hot fish also do,
a Cupid call by which
[200] males fu** females
their sweet spouses.

(to be continued on Dec. 4)