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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 76-142

by ilT + Selkis

Be it as it may, on Day
Five beasts were born
with non-stupid senses,
each slippery species
[80] of surface or abyss
was made to submit to
the everlasting Voice.
Few phonemes sufficed
to include all kinds:
seals and dolphins who
bear breathing pups,
the fish by which
the fishers fingers are
electrically treated,
[90] the egg-laying phyla
the scaled & the scaring
the flying & the floating,
all wrapped in words
and led by law, all
the darting dwellers;
inhabitants of the abyss
conquerors of rocks
swimming in schools
scattered here and there
[100] blue and killer whales
anchovies and plankton.
Some shift the weight
of their bellies on legs
ambivalent amphibians
eating twofold food
unsatisfied with simply
one type of gastronomy:
the deafening frogs
the cyborg-like crabs
[110] crocodiles and river
horses of the Nile whose
waves fertilize fields.
Both big, small, and strange
under one decree they
got manifold lives when
He said, “Let waters whelp”
and the sound showed
that the liquid element
was the fun of fish.
[120] Like the air to avian
or to breathing beasts
is water to sea species
or those living in lakes.
The reason is sensible
as our lung on the left
lies in our bowels
spongy and transparent
like a mirrored image
and acts and contracts
[130] like Los’ bellows
operating oxygen and
comforting corazon
the bank of blood;
the same spirit that
cools our inner oven
validates our voice.
But Physis supplied
gobies just with gills,
by fanning fluxes
[140] they whirl the water
and thus practically
breathe the streams.

(to be continued on Nov. 27)